Vatican Confidential: Why Are So Many Rumors Coming out of the Holy See?

Time has just published my piece on what Italians are calling Vatileaks.

Maybe the Vatican is not so good at keeping secrets after all. In the past few weeks, the Holy See has sprung a series of leaks. Their contents range from allegations of corruption and cronyism in Rome, to internal criticism of a Vatican effort to tackle money laundering, to a bizarre letter speculating about an assassination attempt on Pope Benedict XVI.

Each leak would be embarrassing enough on its own. Together, they add up to a picture of disarray at the top tiers of the Catholic Church, even as the Vatican admitted 22 more clerics to the College of Cardinals on Saturday, expanding the ranks of those who could one day become pope. “The real news isn’t the content of these documents,” says Andrea Tornielli, a long-time Vatican watcher. “It’s the fact that all these documents are coming out at the same time.”

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