Berlusconi Sex Scandal: Ruby Tells Her Story

Time has just ran my piece on Ruby’s side of the story in the Berlusconi sex scandal.

Karima El Mahroug, the woman at the center of Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s latest sex scandal, says that when she was 9 years old, she was raped by two men, then told by her mother to keep quiet because she feared how Karima’s father would react if he discovered she wasn’t a virgin. When Karima was 12, her father spilled a pan of boiling oil on her after she told him she had converted from Islam to Catholicism.

In a late-night interview on the largest of Berlusconi’s three television channels on Wednesday, El Mahroug, now 18, parted her hair to show the scars from the oil burns and explained how she had developed a “parallel life” after leaving her house shortly afterward — one in which she told friends she was older than she really was and went to Italy to study. “In front of other people, I’ve always maintained the image of a Wonder Woman, capable of conquering the world, without showing these tears that I’m finally able to show,” she told Alfonso Signorini, host of the Italian talk show Kalispéra!

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