Introducing Deca

Sixty years ago, the world’s top photographers banded together to form Magnum, a member-owned cooperative that changed the rules of photojournalism. Its founders took advantage of the technological shifts of their era—portable cameras and fast, cheap film processing—to strike out on their own and cover the global stories they felt were most important.

In 2014, journalism faces a new era of change. Today’s technologies are the tablet and the smartphone. Replacements for print books and newspapers, they let established journalists bring their stories directly to readers.

These shifts—and agencies like Magnum—are the inspiration for Deca, a new journalists’ cooperative owned equally by the writers who founded it. Deca’s members have authored acclaimed books and written articles for magazines including The New Yorker, Harper’s, The Atlantic, Time, Science, Rolling Stone, GQ, National Geographic, Outside, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The New York Times Magazine.

We are Pulitzer, National Magazine Award, PEN Literary Award, Livingston Award, Whiting Writers’ Award, and Los Angeles Book Prize winners and finalists.

Once a month, Deca will publish a longform story about the world — written by one of our members, edited by another, and approved by the rest. Our stories are distributed as e-books through Amazon’s Kindle Singles program, for Kindles and in Kindle apps that run on virtually any phone, tablet, or PC. Within two weeks, readers will be able to subscribe or buy single stories through Deca’s iOS app or via our website. Our first story, Mara Hvistendahl’s And The City Swallowed Them, is available from Amazon starting today.

With every story, every month, we’re bringing you what Magnum’s Henri Cartier-Bresson described as  “a situation, a truth”—not just an “accountant’s statement.” The technology is very new, but what we’re doing is very old: traveling the world over to find the stories that matter, and telling them.

We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign today where you can subscribe to a year’s worth of stories, learn more about the nuts and bolts of forming a collective, and even purchase bound copies of our pieces. You’re receiving this because you signed up for our mailing list. For more information, please visit our website or follow us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.